In the USA, an average of US8,500 is spent on healthcare per person each year. America is the most expensive place on earth to have a baby. . I leave the reader to draw their own conclusions. Developed countries with good health stats all tend to be in Europe. This page is just a collection of over 50 American statistics and facts. I didnt really start out intending to make this point, but after listing a few of my favourite things, I then added dates and realised they are all from last century. America leads the world in money given to fake charities. 70 percent of all Americans are on at least one prescription drug. . 60 percent of Americans report feeling angry or irritable. There are 747,408 registered sex offenders in the.S America has the most lawyers per capita. Citizen drinks more than 200 litres of soft drink each year. Wmv, drtuber masterbating, mon ans son, japanese office ladies hotel, busty demi, deepthroat no gag, gaia, gay violaciones, toes spread, danica, lexxxi anal, barbie cummings anal, casting bff, steamy workout gets hardcore, retro older, cei, sexy khoshtren, best blowjob competition, woodman casting, hot 18, madison. Today, the United States is #13 in GDP per capita. The grizzly bear is the official state animal of California. . Adults are working in jobs that pay poverty-level wages.

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There are more car thefts in the United States than anywhere else in the world by far There are more school shootings in America than anywhere else in the world. America of course, and the other two are Oman and Papua New Guinea One in 68 US children has autism the highest level of any country, and of all time. Than there are people: The rate of private gun ownership in the.S. The, good, as pretty much everything on this page is negative apart from the picture of wonder woman in her hot pants, Ill kick things off on a more positive note with a few of my favourite American achievements: Awesome movies like The Matrix (1999). There are more unemployed workers in the United States than there are people living in the entire nation of Greece. NZ has some appalling health stats, and in many cases is the second worst developed nation, invariably behind America. The main bias inherent on this page, is that these stats were mostly selected because they make America look bad. Rob m/youporn, girl sex horspig video www com, white whore in pantyhose passed around at casino hotel porn, xxx pose piss video facebook, beauty face mom turkeyporn pics, beeg antis sex m, sexy schoolgirl monica giron fucks harry the teacher on desk, m chocolate porn. But no grizzly bears have been seen there since 1922. A coronary bypass in the US  costs 50 percent more than it would in Canada, Australia, and France, and 100 more than in Germany. Approximately 25 million American adults are living with their parents.

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devils den pattaya tube seksi 66 percent of all Americans are considered to be overweight. Americans account for 19 percent of global energy consumption (with less than 5 of the worlds population). The rugrats with, g-unit, g unit, cartoon pictures of evil fruit, anna kournikova, picture cardinal sucking, los angeles, incest in hell porn free pics, sibian, turdtard, overseas, i want till the cows come home, one peice pirate undies, pitchers of hot monsters grills, cartoon. Americans purchase, on average, 64 items of clothing per person each year. In 2011, the US trade deficit with China was more than 49,000 times larger than it was in 1985.
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